Control: "M"= change map.

  • Player One(Keyboard): Z,Q,S,D(movement. A and W can also be use). G(switch car). SPACE(special ability).
  • Player Two(Keyboard): up,down,left,right(movement). right control(switch car). ENTER(special ability).
  • Player Three(controller1):Left Joystick(movement). Y(switch car). A(special ability).
  • Player Four(controller 2):Left Joystick(movement). Y(switch car). A(special ability).

Student game made with Unity. Top down racing game in local multiplayer(4 players).

  1. Blue car: fast, hard control. Special ability: phase trough objects and opponents. "Sodic The Edgelord", the fastest pilot of his village.
  2. White car: medium, good control. Special ability: Get
    big.  "Pope Frankie" who lost his way when he was going to the mall and get here by accident.
  3. Black car: slow, good control. Special ability: gain
    weight. "Loli Driver", a sorceress who sold her driving license to gain eternal youth.
  4. Red car: fast, hard control. Special ability: Speed boost. "Marinated Pork", an ex-cam-girl who reinvented herself as a race driver.

    • Bugs and other problem are to be expected, the two players map don't reset.

  • Made by "Team Casual Cofee": Felvine and Mr.Knight.

    PlatformsWindows, HTML5
    AuthorsFelvine, Mr.Knight
    Made withUnity
    Tags2D, Local multiplayer, Unity, Versus
    Average sessionA few seconds
    LanguagesEnglish, French
    InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller
    MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
    Player count2 - 4


    Car Arena Simulator The Origin Prototype.rar 18 MB

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