Control: "M"= change map.

  • Player One(Keyboard): Z,Q,S,D(movement. A and W can also be use). G(switch car). SPACE(special ability).
  • Player Two(Keyboard): up,down,left,right(movement). right control(switch car). ENTER(special ability).
  • Player Three(controller1):Left Joystick(movement). Y(switch car). A(special ability).
  • Player Four(controller 2):Left Joystick(movement). Y(switch car). A(special ability).

Student game made with Unity. Top down racing game in local multiplayer(4 players).

  1. Blue car: fast, hard control. Special ability: phase trough objects and opponents. "Sodic The Edgelord", the fastest pilot of his village.
  2. White car: medium, good control. Special ability: Get
    big.  "Pope Frankie" who lost his way when he was going to the mall and get here by accident.
  3. Black car: slow, good control. Special ability: gain
    weight. "Loli Driver", a sorceress who sold her driving license to gain eternal youth.
  4. Red car: fast, hard control. Special ability: Speed boost. "Marinated Pork", an ex-cam-girl who reinvented herself as a race driver.

    • Bugs and other problem are to be expected, the two players map don't reset.

  • Made by "Team Casual Cofee": Felvine and Mr.Knight.

    Updated 13 days ago
    PlatformsWindows, HTML5
    AuthorsFelvine, Mr.Knight
    Made withUnity
    Tags2D, Local multiplayer, Unity, Versus
    Average sessionA few seconds
    LanguagesEnglish, French
    InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller
    MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
    Player count2 - 4


    Car Arena Simulator The Origin Prototype.rar 18 MB

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